Retail and wholesale pharmacy businesses (pharmacies) and Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDO) operating in Tanzania must be registered or accredited by the Council. These premises are inspected to assess compliance with legislations and standards. We also conduct investigations to see if there have been breaches of the code of conduct and legislations.

The Pharmacy Act, 2011 gives the Council powers of inspection, as part of regulatory role, to protect and safeguard general public. To ensure compliance, the Pharmacy Council conducts various inspections namely, Routine inspections; Site inspection for establishments of new premises; Follow-up inspection; Operations; Audit inspections; and Investigative inspections.

Procedures for inspection, ethics, conduct and functions of inspectors are as prescribed under Section 52 of the Act, and The Pharmacy (Inspection) Regulations, 2019 (GN. No. 140/2019).


If an inspection or investigation report identifies significant matters, the Council and the Registrar can take action, including taking prosecutions or disciplinary action against a pharmacist, pharmaceutical technician and pharmaceutical assistant or pharmacy. Similar action can taken by the Council to a dispenser or drug outlet.