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Frequently Asked Questions

These examinations are offered three times a year (February, June and October). However, the Council will announce dates and venue for examinations two months (60 days) prior to the examinations.

Pre-registration examination is done by an individual who has graduated Bachelor in Pharmacy from a recognized institution, provisionally registered and has completed at least 9 months of Internship training; while professional examination is for the certificate or diploma in pharmaceutical sciences graduates from a recognized pharmacy training institution.

N.B All candidates must apply to the Council for the examinations through online application system via provided link in the website at least one (1) month before the examinations dates’.

The contents of examination are prescribed under Pre registration and Professional Examinations Guidelines of 2019 which are available (www.pc.go.tz/regulation_guidelines/). However, each examination will have at least four (4) sections including Multiple Choice Questions, True and False or Matching Items, short and long essays.

(1) Pharmacy graduates who studied abroad must apply to Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) for evaluation of their award prior applying to the Pharmacy Council for Provisional Registration and allocation for internship center.

(2) Pharmacy graduates who studied in Tanzania; As soon as the University Senate approves the results that they have passed their final examinations, they will be eligible to apply for internship.

All application for internship training shall be done through online application system via https://www.pc.go.tz/applications/ and be accompanied with required documents as per the checklist. The outcome of the application will be announced within 21 days..

Changing of internship is highly discouraged as during application all centers have been assigned slots of interns based on the availability of supervisors. If it is necessary and you wish to be considered, you will be required to write to the Registrar to request for change of internship center and state the reason(s) for change. The Registrar may change the centers based on the availability otherwise you will need to wait for the next cohort.

After 12 months of completion of internship training and passing of pre-registration examinations you will be required to apply for registration as a full registered pharmacist where you will be issues a certificate of registration and license to practice which is renewed annually.

If you intend to join undergraduate or post graduate pharmacy course degree outside Tanzania, you are advised to visit Tanzania Commission for University (TCU) or National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) for certificate or diploma courses to see whether you have pre requisite qualification to join for the course and if the institution you are planning to join is recognized. Similarly, you should visit the Council to establish whether after completion of the course you intend to pursue could allow you to practice in the country to avoid disappointments during registration after you have completed the course.

For more information regarding issues related to training and continuous professional development (CPD), you can call us through Toll Free No.0800 110 015 or email us through education@pc.go.tz.