The United Republic of Tanzania

Ministry of Health

Pharmacy Council


Powers of the Council:

The Council is vested with following powers:-

(a) Appoint any officer or inspector to perform any duty or act on behalf of the Council

(b) Prescribe and determine powers and duties of officers and inspectors appointed pursuant to paragraph (a);

(c) Remove any name from the Register, Roll or List subject to such conditions as the Council may impose.

(d) Consider any matter affecting the pharmacy profession, and take such action in connection therewith as the Council may consider necessary.

(e) Delegate any of its powers to any officer, inspector or organization.

(f) Require any person registered, enrolled or enlisted under this Act or involved in pharmacy practice offering pharmaceutical education or training to furnish the Council with information it requires.

(g) Inquire into any matter, complaint, charge or allegation of improper or disgraceful conduct against any person registered, enrolled, enlisted or any other person or premises registered under this Act which is brought to the attention of Council, and.

(h) Approve or disapprove an institution and curriculum for the training of pharmacy education.

Functions of the Council:

The Council performs the following functions:-

(a) Safeguard and promote the provision of pharmaceutical services in compliance with norms and values, in both public and private sectors, with goals of achieving definite therapeutic outcomes for the health and quality of life of a client.

(b) Uphold and safeguard the acceptable standards of pharmacy practice in both public and private sectors;

(c) Enquire into any query relating to a pharmacy practice raised by the public;

(d) Enhance and maintain the dignity of the pharmacy profession and integrity of a person practicing the profession;

(e) Promote interest in, and advancement of the pharmacy profession;

(f) In collaboration with the Tanzania Commission for Universities and the National Accreditation Council for Technical Education, evaluate academic and practical qualifications for Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Technicians and Pharmaceutical Assistants for the purpose of registration, enrolment or enlisting;

(g) Foster cooperation between the Council and other institutions or organizations, dealing with the pharmacy profession;

(h) Ensure proper collection and management of fees and charges;

(i) Keep and maintain registers, rolls and lists for the registration, enrolment and enlisting of pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians, pharmaceutical assistants and intern pharmacists;

(j) Administer the accounts and assets of the Council or any assets to be held in trust for the benefit of the Council;

(k) Ensure that training in pharmacy at any institution in Tanzania guarantees the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the efficient pharmacy practice;

(l) Promote rational use of medicines;

(m) Prescribe the scope of practice of the persons registered, enrolled and enlisted;

(n) Regulate activities of pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and pharmaceutical assistants;

(o) Pay any member of the Council, committee, staff or any person entrusted with any task, such allowances as it may determine;

(p) Determine the fees payable to the Council for services performed by the Council;

(q) Establish, develop, maintain and control acceptable standards in pharmaceutical education, training and continuing professional development;

(r) Carry out such other functions as may be conferred upon the Council by any other written law; and

(s) Advise the Minister on matters relating to pharmacy practice;